Version 1.1
  • Ajax Header cart product count update.
  • Translation files.
Bug Fixes
  • Default Header scroll issue in Desktop.
  • Header text and links custom icons.
  • Apply custom classes to menu items.
  • YouTube 3 font icon.
Bug Fixes
  • portfolio category filter fix.
  • Portfolio full path breadcrumbs fix.
  • Multiple redux plugins conflict fix.
  • Long menu item text fix.
  • Mobile header custom background fix.
  • Table sticky default header fix.
  • Woocommerce product full path breadcrumbs fix.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Header elements animations options.
  • Blog intro additional options.
  • WooCommerce product count option.
  • Clickable WooCommerce product image.
  • Slider extra padding option to use as intro with transparent header.
  • Popup javascript open/close event handler.
  • Added Youtube Play Button icon.
  • Website breadcrumbs to include full path.
  • WPBakery self hosted video background support in Section and Row.
Bug Fixes
  • Tabs main animation.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Shortcodes and HTML support in header text element.
  • Duo tone icon custom color.
  • Fill width spacer element in header.
  • Custom posts category into image.
  • Portfolio custom slug.
  • Theme fonts into elementor typography fonts.
  • Theme and pixfort core translations.
Bug Fixes
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Responsive spacer element in WPBakery.
Image link
  • CSS and javascript optimizations.
Bug Fixes
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Override header logo option.
  • Clickable top level menus.
  • Hide post media in protected posts.
  • Open social links in new tab option.
  • Pluggable posts and woocommerce functions.
  • pixfort core plugin translation.
Bug Fixes
  • Empty portfolio item boxes fix.
  • Mobile popup close button.
  • Mobile header icons sizes.
  • Pricing custom box background color in elementor.
  • Yoast SEO conflict in headers and footers edit page.
  • 3 New Full Demos.
  • 20+ New Templates.
  • 3 New headers.
  • 3 new Footers.
  • New page transition animation.
  • Background color option for page transition.
  • Disable page transition option.
  • Mobile Header sticky option.
  • Disable Desktop sticky header option.
  • Polylang plugin support.
  • Active menu item underline option.
  • Disable menu bold text.
  • New social icons (VK, twitch, tik tok, discord).
  • WPBakery plugin to the latest version.
Bug Fixes
  • Elementor animation issue with popups.
  • 3D box element hover.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Global theme base font size.
  • Popup close button on mobile.
  • About us simple page in WPBakery.
  • Essentials online Demo menu in Demo import.
  • Story element to open link instead of popup.
  • Elementor elements to open links in new tabs.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed mobile header issue in FireFox.
  • Fixed importing demo content that does support getallheaders function.
  • Heading max width option.
  • Circles animation options.
  • FAQ element bold text option.
  • Call to Action element bold content option.
  • WPML header, footers and popups full translation support.
  • Update Slider Revolution to the latest version.
  • Replaced Search overlay H1 title tag for better SEO.
  • Reduced totale theme file size.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed YouTube video background loop in WPBakery.
  • Horizontal/Vertical Text Tabs in Elementor.
  • Full Horizontal/Vertical Tabs support in WPBakery Backend editor.
  • Full Accordions support in WPBakery Backend editor.
  • Page sidebar sticky options.
Bug Fixes
  • WooCommerce Product link in shop page.
  • Transparent Header fix after resize.
  • Masonry styles padding in full width layouts.
  • Ability to add custom javascript code to the header/footer via theme options.
  • Options to disable/enable related posts+author box+social share buttons.
  • Classes to customize posts author and date.
  • Career inner page in elementor.
  • Flipboard social font icon.
  • Accordion element styling option in WPBakery.
Bug Fixes
  • Image picker in Elementor (in light theme)
  • Highlight box content in WPBakery back-end editor
  • Product popups in mobile
  • Elementor 3 compatibility.
  • Inner pages templates in Elementor Library.
  • The option to disable pixfort Blocks in Elementor Library.
  • WPBakery plugin.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with importing Levels templates in Elementor.
  • Other minor Bug Fixes