When Google PageSpeed can be helpful?

When Google PageSpeed can be helpful?

Essentials is optimized for performance and its loading speed is fast, however, it’s important to mention that Google speed test performance (or websites that are based on Google lighthouse speed test like GTmetrix) results are mostly based on potential savings and not page speed.

You cannot take too literally all of the suggestions from Google PageSpeed because sometimes they are unrealistic or impossible.

For example, it may tell you to minify or add expire headers to a file that is not hosted on your website (For example: Google fonts which are Google products or Adobe fonts). This is impossible.

A good example that illustrates the impossibility to control these resources can be the “Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy” recommendation showing up for WP Rocket WordPress caching plugin website:

Image link

As you can see, Google PageSpeed Insight recommends to optimize external files coming from Google Analytics and Optin Monster.

However, sometimes it can alert you to problem areas on your server that you can address. For example, it might alert you to the fact that your content is not being GZIP-ed (Enable Text Compression), or if there are plugin files loaded inside your website and not used (For example: Slider revolution, Master slider,…).

Google PageSpeed doesn’t even measure the loading time of your site

In conclusion, we recommend you to check your website speed instead of focusing on website score which is based on potential saving, for example Google will suggest removing animations and big images which are not errors to be fixed.

As a reference you can check that theme loads very fast when actually testing the website load time (when Fast demo tested on pingdom) the website is loading in about half a second:

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Note: the tests done on the live demos may not provide accurate results due to the fact that the live demos additional assets and plugins for demonstration purposes only (for example Elementor and WPBakery builders are both active in most demos to preview builders support, and normally they won’t be used at the same time in actual websites).

For detailed recommendations to speed your website you can check this article:

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