Essentials color system

Essentials color system

Essentials color system is based on a set of powerful colors which can be used in most elements of your website. This system allows you to easily choose and change the whole colors of you website in a few clicks, below you can learn who this advanced yet simple color system works.

Main Colors

These colors represent the core of your website interface, and designing your pages using these colors will give you the ability to change the whole website colors in a few clicks from the theme options (e.g. all premade demos colors can be changed in seconds using these dynamic colors).

The Main colors can be found in Theme Options > Layout > Colors

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Theme Options > Layout > Colors

Example: for this demo the Main colors are as following:

Primary color

(Dynamic color)

Secondary color

(Dynamic color)

Link color

(Dynamic color)

Primary gradient color

(Dynamic color)

Basic Colors

set of basic colors which comes with Essentials theme, so you can easily pick a simple and nice color from a set of premade colors (you can override these colors with your own colors from Theme options > Layout > Colors).

These Basic colors are as following:

Red color


Orange color


Yellow color


Brown color


Cyan color


Blue color


Green color


Purple color


White color


Black color

Shades of gray

Essentials comes with a set of useful Shades of Gray, numerated from Gray 1 as the lightest shade to Gray 9 as the darkest shade.

  • Tip: these shades of gray can be very useful for Typography and Background colors.
  • Example:  this website has:
    • Gray 7 color for Headings.
    • Gray 6 for Body Text.
    • Gray 1 for Background color.

These shades of gray color are as following:

Gray 1 color


Gray 2 color


Gray 3 color


Gray 4 color


Gray 5 color


Gray 6 color


Gray 7 color


Gray 8 color


Gray 9 color

Opacity colors

Essentials comes with a set of useful Opacity Colors (Dark and Light), numerated from Dark/Light 1 as the lowest opacity to Dark/Light 9 as the highest opacity.

  • Tip: these Opacity Colors can be very useful for Typography and Background colors.
  • The notation 1 to 9 represents the opacity from 10% to 90% in steps of 10%.
    • Example: Dark opacity 4 represents 40% of Black (+ small percentage of Primary color).

The Opacity Colors are as following (the color of the boxes):

Dark opacity 1 color

Dark opacity 2 color

Dark opacity 3 color

Dark opacity 4 color

Dark opacity 5 color

Dark opacity 6 color

Dark opacity 7 color

Dark opacity 8 color

Dark opacity 9 color

Light opacity 1 color

Light opacity 2 color

Light opacity 3 color

Light opacity 4 color

Light opacity 5 color

Light opacity 6 color

Light opacity 7 color

Light opacity 8 color

Light opacity 9 color

Essentials support team

Hey, this is pixfort support team, if you still need help you can always reach us via the chat messenger in your account on pixfort hub

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