WPBakery responsive options for columns

In WPBakery, you can control the width/offset/visibility of the columns across different screen sizes from the responsive options tab, for more information you can check this article from WPBakery knowledge base:


For example:

The Responsive options tab in Columns is a WPBakery default functionality (it’s not part of the theme) and it’s available to control columns, for more information about Responsive options in WPBakery you can check their documentation from here:

Note: sections and rows in WPBakery page builder are basically composed of columns and you can control the visibility of sections and rows by controlling the columns. For more information on WPBakery page builder concept you can check their articles from here

However, if you want to display a row only in Desktop, open the Row settings in WPBakery and add the following classes in the Extra class name field:

d-none d-xl-flex

To hide a row only in Desktop (and display only in tablet and mobile) open the Row settings and add the following classes in the Extra class name field:

d-inline-flex d-xl-none 
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